Here are of the courses I have taught or am currently teaching:

Methods of Theoretical Physics PH 3320

This course aims to extrapolate concepts such as distance, orthogonality and dimensionality from familiar Euclidean vector spaces to abstract vector spaces . Topics include certain elements of real analysis such as convergence of sequences and infinite series, complex numbers, differentiation and integration in Rp and partial differential equations.  The overarching goal is to develop familiarity with mathematical tools useful for physics applications. 

Computational Fluid Dynamics MEEM 5240

  • This class serves as an introductory level course for using computational tools for fluid flow analysis. Topics covered include finite-difference and finite-volume methods, mathematical classification and numerical stability analysis of the equations of fluid motion. Emphasis is given to gaining numerical dexterity with implicit and explicit fluid solvers and generation of computational grids for simple flow geometries.


  • I am the co-chair of the Physics Colloqium at Michigan Tech.
    • The weekly colloqium schedule can be found here.
  • I serve in the graduate seminar committee in the Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics Department at Michigan Tech.
    • The weekly seminar information can be found here.